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PUBG Mobile officially returns to India, in the form of Mobile India battlegrounds. Krafton, the South Korean game developer, made the announcement today (May 6), after being banned in the country last year.

PUBG Mobile was part of 119 applications that came under the scanner due to incorrect user data management, which allows it to be purged from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. In response, the game studio stated that this will create a new game as “Pubg Mobile India” that will respond to these privacy concerns and locate more the game to better respond to the country’s values.

Although it does not really have arrived, Krafton brought an entirely new entity called Mobile BattleGrands in India. It will launch in the coming days and should soon be available for pre-registration and downloads on Android and iOS. It remains to be seen if it brings all the other promised changes and how it will go from the original version of the well-liked smartphone game.

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When is it outside? May or June 2021

How much will it cost? Free, with integrated purchases

Release date of the Mobile Battlefield India

The game was announced for India on May 6, after weeks of teasers and leaks. However, Krafton has not yet revealed the launch date of the Mobile India battlefield. According to previous reports, the game should be available at the end of May or June.

Update (May 10): A new teaser has the community to believe that the game will launch on June 10. Learn more about wild theory.

Update (May 18): The game is a step closer to the launch when Krafton has opened inscriptions for Android. Visit the link below to be among the first to download.

Pre-registration at Mobile Battle Lands India on Play Store

How to download mobile battlefields

Before the deployment of Mass-Market, the game will be available in a beta format for a short time. Only players in India will be able to register for pre-registration – which should open in the coming weeks. We will update this room with the battle mobile download fields for Android and iOS as soon as they live in India.

The official download or the mobile battle grounds has not yet been made available, it is wary of any link of packages that claim to be the game – they are probably wrong. Make sure you download the game from the respective App Store or website only.

Mobile Battle Lands VS PUBG Mobile: What’s Different

Krafton confirmed that the new game would comply with Indian laws and regulations and provide data protection and safety for all users. The Mobile India Battlefield website also clearly indicates which personal information will collect and store.

As part of its efforts on well-being, users under 18 will not be allowed to play game for more than three hours a day. In addition, integrated purchases will have a maximum daily limit of 7,000 rupees. Players will also be asked to provide the mobile phone number of their parent / tutor at the verification.

Pubg Mobile India was also more suitable for younger players, where all players will spawn clothes instead of only their underwear. Violence would also be toned by reducing blood and red splashes in the game. We expect them to also have mobile battlefields too.

Krafton will associate with local entities to build an ecosystem Esports in India via a series of events involved. There is probably a location in the form of clothes and clothes too.

Update (May 11): Sanhok, the small forest of the Pubg Mobile Forest, will be one of the cards to be available in Battlegounds Mobile. Information about other places are still pending.

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