The governor of Florida signs the state’s social media invoice.


In February, the governor of Florida Ron Desantis proposed Bill 7072 of the Senate, a measure aimed at preventing technology companies of “knowingly” of the politicians from moving. Following the travel success by both the Legislative Chamber and the Senate of the State, desantis has now signed the bill on the law (via the edge).

Now that it is in place, the law leads to companies of the prohibition of Florida politicians, in the process giving the state election commission the power to bring them up to $ 250,000 a day for Takedowns involving public office candidates. It allows all residents of the state to pursue technology companies if they feel they have been treated “unjustly”. In addition, these companies will have to detail the way they decide on prohibitions. Exempt from the law is a company that has a large theme park or a place of entertainment in the state. It is an exemption from the officials stated that they added that Disney + “is not caught in this situation.” The Governor Desantis proposed the law shortly after Facebook and Twitter banned the President of his respective platforms in January.

Set aside if the law is constitutional or not, the fact is Article 230 of the Existing Communication Decency Act. Legislators could modify the provision to sculpt some of its protections, but for the moment it protects social media companies with the behavior of users. And although there is an agreement between the two Democrats and Republicans it’s time to update the provision, there

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