Microsoft surface laptop 4 (13 inches)


There is no shortage of Windows 10 laptops and many high-end choices and design at this location too, but the Microsoft’s surface laptop is still distinguished. For this fourth generation, there is clearly the evolution where it was necessary, rather than revolution for its own love and, while the result is not a totally clean sweep, it always makes a convincing alternative to what The apple with its M1 motor macbooks.

There are two 4 laptop sizes, the 13.5 inches you see here and a version of 15 inches, each with different finishes. You also have the choice between AMD Ryzen 4000 or Intel 11th Gen. At its cheapest, you are looking for $ 999.99 with a Ryzen 5 4680U, 8GB of memory and 256 GB storage. This Core i7 model with 16 GB of memory and 512 GB storage is $ 1,699.99.

The display 2256 x 1504 pixelssen remains a pleasant aspect ratio of 3: 2 and has a surface pen holder – although you need to buy this separately – with a multi-touch of 10 points. It is an excellent IPS panel, with excellent colors and contrast. I wish it would go stronger, however: outside, and with the very brilliant finish, it is a nightmare for reflections.

You will unwind Chunky glasses around that, or – like me – notice them initially, then ignore them always forever after. At the top, there is a 720p webcam that goes well, nothing special, with Windows Hello-Facial-Recognition, which is fast to spot you.

I remain a fan of the aesthetics of the Microsoft laptop, which manages to watch primordium without falling into the “macbook-derivative” trap if many Windows notebooks seem to be difficult to avoid. Instead, the surface laptop of 2.79 pounds 4 opts for the brushed metal and a rest surround and silky keyboard Alcantara.

Should this be a grease magnet over the years? Cally probably, but then the metal palms can be discolored and scraped also – especially if you wear a watch with a metal clasp – so I do not think it’s a pot-caster. If you are particularly worried (or especially oily), black mate and sandstone versions exchange Alcantara for more metals.

There is also a pretty distinct striking feel on the laptop’s keyboard surface 4. Not quite like Clicky – or as strong, for this case – as a recent MacBook Pro keyboard, but certainly to the Easy for prolonged periods of typing. There is a bit of flexible for everything that leaves the trip feel longer than it is. I also stay an oversimensioned trackpad fan too.

So Microsoft gets a credit for not changing what does not need to change, but then loses points on the ports. As with the last laptop gen, the laptop 4 is not quite the connectivity center I was hoping to become.

On one side, there is the surface of the surface magnetically fixed by Microsoft, for power. On the other hand, you get a single USB type 3.1 Type-C, a USB 3.1 type type type and a 3.5 mm combo audio jack. Laptop of 15 inch surface 4 Buyers Get an SD card slot too, but the smaller version does not do it.

If this port selection is sufficient depends on some factors. If you come from the macos camp, the fact that you were missing on Thunderbolt 4’s faster speeds, it will probably be boring. Nevertheless, the possibility of connecting USB type devices without adapter is nice. For external displays, you use the USB-C DisplayPort support or Microsoft Cough Cough if you want the 4,000-60Hz screens.

The reluctance to add Thunderbolt 4 seems to have been made with the port parity between the Intel and AMD versions of the laptop. Nevertheless, since Intel 4 surface area models are the upper specifications configurations, I do not think it’s out of the line to wait for better ports there too.

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