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After releasing Pokemon go generation 2 game user want to complete Pokemon go Game before the friends and other competitors. There are lots of battles in Pokemon go game and lots of powerful and rare Pokemon to find but sometimes players did not able to find any rare Pokemon, so if you are looking for powerful and rare Pokemon with hundred IV to win the battle like gym battle. then Pokezz and PokeSniper is one of the best Pokemon go location sniper which can help you to find rare Pokemon from other virtual location.

Did you know that Pokemon go is a working day and people need to walk outside using their GPS for finding a new Pokemon and try to catch them before the Pokemon disappear?

But user get problem when they running out of Pokeball and they have to go for a walk to the outside to get more Pokeball for catch pokemon this is the reason that sometimes user get worried and they do not want to walk outside to get more of balls and they want to bypass the real-life working and Get New poke balls from their location.

Using for Pokezz location spoof make a little bit easier is an addictive game.And Pankaj is the most popular application which helps us the player to get the exact location of pokemon. people who do not want to move quickly and want to catch pokemon, as well as they, want to get new of balls when the running out of Pokeball then Pokezz application is the best option for them which have lots of pros and the very Prior features for the users.

Pokezz application use notification to the player of Pokemon go game when any Pokemon is about to disappear. And this is the reason the player can easily find the location where he/she can find Pokemon.

The Pokezz application is the most popular app in terms of finding Pokemon from a virtual location but sometimes ok zip resumes not to be working correctly, and if any player of Pokemon go game find that application is not working on their location and they always try to find an alternative of Pokezz.

there are lots of applications available which provide the same service for Pokemon go players as per app.  it is also one of them which is working on every location on every phone is the same way as Pokezz does. this application also has lots of pictures which help us to trace and find new Pokemon.

The user also uses Pokemon go Joystick Hack for the location Spoofing. but here we are going to share a complete list of Pokezz alternatives if the features and necessary information of all these apps.

Best Pokezz Alternatives for Catch Pokemon


When it comes to the best alternatives of Tej app for Pokemon go game then PokeSpawns comes on the top of the list. this application can help a Pokemon go player to find all the pokemon from all around the world sitting to their location. Pokemon go player can find all the legendary Pokemon from the exact location and time of appearance and disappearance.

using thePokeSpawn website user can find all the rare pokemon which are hard to catch. The user can search Pokemon by their name or they also can search by the location also this is the reason we can say that PokeSpawns is the most popular alternative of Pokezz.


Are you looking to hunt legendary and rare Pokemon using any alternative of Pokezz app then Pokedex 100 the newest edition for the Pokemon uses? this website is providing verified Pokemon coordinates from more than 35 countries which allows getting all pokemon including the better pokemon like 100IV.

This website is very easy to use and users can find the Pokemon by the name of specific Pokemon are the latitude and longitude location of all Pokemon from all around the world.

The user can use easily filter the result and can find there Pokemon which they need at the time. pokedex 100 is the latest edition and it also supports the Pokemon go generation 2 game.


Some alternative of Pokezz app sometimes do not provide the result as per user want.But if you want to get the most accurate and verified information of all legendary and rare pokemon 10 Pokedex is the best Pokezz alternate.

This website also provides the location of Rare Pokemon along with the spawns user can find these Pokemon using location information or the name of the Pokemon. each Pokemon is separated into the categories user can find from the list of these categories.


Pokehunter is one of the most popular Pokemon Treaker tools. the best part about pokehunter website is user can choose any location to find Pokemon from that particular location. used can find all legendary and rare pokemon in the given area or the present location.

Pokehunter shows in around the location and displays all the pokespots find poke bowl. if any Pokemon go player want to hide any Pokemon then pokehunter have the feature also.


Pokesniper is terrific that allows the user to find and catch the Pokemon they want. pokesniper has all the legendary and very high IV level Pokemon as well. Pokesniper work on the exact location of the player which allows finding Pokemon of Level 90 +. at the other place, part of the Pokesniper location spoof app send a notification to each time about them Pokemon with IV level 90+.

so it will always know about your Pokemon with the high level for kids it also offers premium services. Every time when spoken with IV 90% appears in the list you will get a notification from the website and if you are looking to access any legendary or wear for women with IV hundred percent then you can use the premium version of the Pokesniper application and can find legendary and rare Pokemon for free.

Best PokeSniper AlternAtives for Pokemon Go


Another amazing Pokezz alternative phone iOS users that track all the location of Pokemon. user can install ok find the application from the official Apple App store and can find and catch the Pokemon easily also user can find CV and IV Calculator for Pokemon go.

The calculator so that how powerful than Pokemon is and also show the evolution level and intimate you will find gyms Pokespots and Pokemon around your location.


If you are looking for a website which can provide the real-time Sniper field for find legendary and rare pokemon then PokegoSniper, is the best option for you because it is providing Pokemon with their names and coordinates.

This is the best Pokemon snipe and scan software for the Android user which provide the quick scan of all the Pokemon and user can I get the Pokemon they want to catch by just clicking on the button located right in front of every Pokemon.


PokeSnipers is also the popular website which is using Pokemon go player is that Pokezz Alternatives. real time feed for the user. you can specify the location and also you can find the rare and legendary Pokemon Which are hard to catch, near your location.  if you have long to play Pokemon go on PC then this application is working great for PC too.


PokiiMap one of the most popular alternative source Pokezz App. this is there which can is kill all the Pokemon located in your area and the location with stripes by you and you can place all the Pokemon in the area you living without moving or working. using contains are awesome Pokemon and have fun while doing it.

PokiiMap all the latest generation second Pokemon and it has the scanner to scale for home loan ad available on Android devices.

you can download this application from Google Play store and they can easily login with Google account. after that, they can make the Pokemon go location and can catch every Pokemon.

And also used confused all the Pokemon. if any Pokemon is Appear near your location then you will get and notification from PokiiMap App.

Pokemon EPS with its detailed information like the name IVs and another status. so we can say that is also the best alternative to Pokezz.


So here we have listed the best Pokezz alternative which are working and popular on the internet. as we know that Pokezz is the most popular location is pooping and location Sniper which is used by Pokemon go user from all around the world. but if you are playing this amazing game and want to get pokemon on your location without moving outside day this application is the real gem for you.

sometimes if Pokezz is not working then there are lots of PokeSniper alternatives available which are working great to find legendary and rare Pokemon without moving outside. we have listed all of them in the article you can get any and can catch pokemon.

if you think this article is helpful or your friends then you can say this article with your friends on your social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter. and if you’re facing any problem in downloading installing and using any of these apps then you can tell us in the comment box we will give you install solution.

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