Pokemon go Joystick Hack | Pokemon Full Guide for Android and iOS users


Pokemon Go Joystick Hack one of the most popular location spoofing option for Pokemon go. Many people use location spoofing apps for play Pokemon go game. Joystick Application is one of the most popular location spoofing app so many people use Pokemon go joystick hack for play Pokemon Go game.

Pokemon go game is not available in many countries so if people who live in these countries want to play Pokemon go game then they have to use any location spoofing app for play Pokemon go like any other players all over the globe.

This tutorial is basically for the people who want to hack their Pokemon go location because of their physical disability or if they are not finding any new pokemon in their location then they can use Pokemon go joystick hack for change their virtual location and play Pokemon go game joystick.

Table of ContentsPokemon go joystick hack has been used by us on many Android devices. But some of the Android devices do not support his head because of their Android version or sometimes there software but you can give a try to play Pokemon go game with joystick.We are here going to share complete details how the user can play Pokemon go game on Android device with joystick location spoofing app.But sometimes this hack can lead to getting back your Pokemon go account so if your account got went v will not responsible we are here going to share this guide for education purpose only.

GPS joystick is the popular location spoofing app which is specially designed for the Pokemon go user who wants to play Pokemon go game on the different place or they want to make their location using any overlay joystick controller. People Want to know how to use GPS joystick for pokemon go And for this Issue we are here writing complete detailed guide for the users.

  • The best part of the joystick behind the popularity of this location spoofing app is it’s ultimate location options with user-friendly flexibility.
  • User will get three location option here and they can select and configure according to their requirement.
  • Here we are going to share the settings which are basic and required for using Pokemon go joystick hack.
  • User can set the location on joystick manually using their latitude and longitude coordination are also used can search for the location option
  • If any Pokemon go user 12 play game again where they saved last location then they can play from that location.
  • Also if you want to play Pokemon go from your current location then it can be directly detected from your device GPS location.
  • So here is the details of Pokemon go joystick hack which allows user to play Pokemon go from any spoofing location.

How to Play Pokemon Go Joystick Hack on Android

Pokemon go android is most used game for the Android Users. This is the reason that Pokemon go android hack is very necessary for the users who are playing this amazing game on their android device. Pokemon Go Hack is the most popular search term for the android users and they want to play Pokemon go game without moving or walking. And people want to get Pokemon go Location Spoofing using any tool on android device and Joystick is the best option for them. So Here we are going to share Pokemon Go Joystick Hack for Android users. And this is the answer for the users who search on the internet for How to Hack Pokemon go For Android.

  • Download fly GPS application from Google Play Store
  • Go to settings>> developer option and enable the mock location
  • If you are not able to see this in the settings then it is locked you can unlock it by clicking on the build number option for a few times
  • Now look for the select mock location app and select fly GPS from the list
  • Turn on the GPS of your device and open the fly GPS application
  • Now click on your desired location on the map we have not recommended you to select any location outside your city because this can lead to Ben your Pokemon go account
  • Now click on please select the menu over the red marker
  • Now you see a menu popup here you have to click on GPS service run and then click on joystick location mode this will enable your joystick

Now you can play the Pokemon go joystick hack version you have to open the game and you can see the joystick on your screen and you can now move around the map with the joystick no one can stop you.

Frequently Asked question

1. What is Spoofing
Spoofing is When People use a GPS Relocation App which can change the virtual location of your mobile phone and your phone think you are somewhere else.By using Location spoofing ou can cathc pokemon from all around the world without Moving.

2. Don’t Able to play, And Don’t want to buy this app?
If you are facing any problem while using location spoofing app, You can try it by downgrading your device below march security 2017 Update and You will be Able to Use Spoofing apps Without Any Problem.

Problems People Face in Pokemon Go Joystick Location Hack

There is some basic problem which almost every single user who wants to use any location spoofing tool and want to play this game they have to know how to play pokemon on android devices. But people who want to know how to hack pokemon go android they have to know what problem they face while using Joystick with Pokemon go on android devices.

Rubber Bandin Problem

When People Use location spoofing with their pokemon go game on the android device.But suddenly many time your location change back to the reallocation. And this is the reason that it is overridden the real GPS location over the fake GPS Location and we called it rubber Banding Problem. most of the people who use pokemon go joystick for hack this game location on the android face this problem.

The solution of Rubber Banding Problem

  • Wrap the backside of your phone in 2 to 4 layers of tin foil to block GPS signals from reaching your phone.
  • Never User High Accuracy while using location spoofing tools on your Pokemon go game.
  • Try to be in a area where GPS location does not work like any Basement or packed room without windows.

User can Use Pokezz or Pokesniper as an alternative of Joystick for Location Spoofing.

Some Latest Security Patch Update

Moto Z Play Android 7.1.1 (Security patch – 1 August 2017)

Samsung S8 Android 7.0.1 (Security Patch – August 2017)

Samsung Galaxy S8+ Verizon (Security Patch – August 2017)


So here we have shared complete detail about joystick location spoofing app and how it works with Pokemon Go game. Most of the player from all around the world want to play Pokemon go joystick. But we are recommending you to do not change the location of your device outside your city because this can lead to the Ban your Pokemon go account. And we are sharing this article for only education purpose if your account got banned we are not responsible for this.

So if you are going to change the location outside your city and then want to play Pokemon go then you have to do it on your own risk. Because if your account got banned then it will be your problem. If you think any of your Pokemon go lover friend need Pokemon go joystick hackmethod then you can share this article with your friends on your social media account. And if you’re facing any problem while using Pokemon go joystick hack then you can tell us in the comment box we will give you instant solution.

source: viralmagics.com/pokemon-go-joystick-hack-full-guide-for-android-and-ios-users

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