Researchers want mallated computer processors


The catastrophe of the colonial pipeline is only the last example of proving that the hacks are all around us and the computer hackers continue to harass all kinds of objectives, individuals to institutions. Attackers and spies want information and money, and they can quickly adapt to changes in the industry, whether it’s better hardware and software or technology users. But just as computer hackers are trying to exploit each vulnerability, they can find to extort information or make instant benefits, researchers seek to create unwanted equipment and software.

The latest Initiative of this type is a computer processor from the University of Michigan called Morpheus, which aims to end most of the low-hacker attacks could attempt at this material.

Morpheus is not quite sick, but it’s a major step in the right direction. According to the University of the researcher of Michigan Todd Austin, he is supposed to be incredibly difficult to break. According to IEEE Spectrum, some 580 Cybersecurity researchers spent 13,000 hours trying to break into Morpheus and failed. It was part of a US Advanced Research Programs (DARPA) project, integrated security through the Hardware and Firmware Program (STISH).

Austin explained that his team also works on processors that can handle encrypted data without decrypting it first, a feature that could be useful for hiding raw data from programmers or other companies while allowing computers of the treat. It is also the type of technology that could advance privacy characteristics in addition to improving security.

Regardless of the quality of the size of the morpheus to thrive from attacks targeting the processor of a computer, there must be “accepted challenge” computer hackers such as Austin and his team publishing their work. In addition, this could take a long time until we saw Morpheus chips inside commercial devices. The full report of IEEE Spectrum deserves a complete reading on this link

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