Here Are the Top Best Ways to Surprise Your Lover That You Didn’t Know About


Once in a while, it is good to surprise your lover. A relationship requires both parties to input more effort. So ensure that you do things that make your relationship grow. When romance and passions die, your relationship comes to an end. Thus, both of you must ensure that you keep your love by coming up with new ways to show your partners that you care about them.

Here are great ways that you can use to maintain your relationship.

Leave a treasure hunt

You don’t have to spend a lot of cash to surprise your partner. You can come up with a paper treasure hunt with a hint for your partner to follow. You can have some flowers or candy lying on the bed and let him/her use the clues you have provided to look for it. You should use your imagination to make the hunting enjoyable.

Breakfast in bed

This idea has been there for a long time, but it doesn’t get old. When your partner wakes up to a great breakfast on bed, their reaction will be a joy that you will not forget. You can either cook or order from a café, then arrange it and surprise your lover while he/she is still sleeping.

Handwritten letter

You might not have some cash, but that doesn’t mean that you stop being romantic. You can get a paper and pen and jot down how you feel about your partner. They will most definitely keep the letter for a long time remembering every word that you wrote. Always take your time and tell them how you feel.

Special gifts

You can get some chocolate flowers delivery services to surprise your partner. You can search for a gift for your partner online or at a local shop. But sometimes it can be challenging to know what kind of gift you can get your partner. When facing this challenge, you can take frame their favorite picture and hang it on your wall. Always get a gift that will make your partner feel special.

Send cute messages 

You can send unexpected romantic messages now and then to your partner. You can spice it up by sending sexy messages or pictures to your partner. It is a cheap way to show you love your partner.

Making their birthday special

You should not forget the birthday date of your partner. Noone loves being spoiled on their birthday, so get something special for your lover. You can act as if you have forgotten about it, let them go to work while they are mad that you forget about it.

You can use the services of a gift company to surprise them with a gift, and while they are receiving the present, you can call through an application such as skype and see their love-struck face and happiness. Such things will make your romantic life more enjoyable.

Apologize when wrong

In a relationship, small disagreements are healthy. When you disagree with your lover, you can surprise them with a gift as a way of apologizing. Get some flowers and include a note saying that you are sorry. This act will make them even forget why they were mad at you in the first place.

Act their fantasy

You can also decide to surprise your partner in the bedroom. You can act your lover wildest fantasy dream for them. For example, if their fantasy is a cop, surprise him by dressing like one. If you do, they will return the favor to you. In the process, both of you will have fun and enjoy it.

A massage

Another way to spice up your romantic life is by offering massage to your partner. You can dim the lights, light candles, and give them full massage treatment using some oils.

Take them out

You can also show love to your partner by taking them out for dinners. You can have a room decorated with candles, helium balloons and some flower petals. Take them to their favorite restaurants or somewhere special for both of you. It will spice up your romantic life and make your lover feel special.

Get some tickets

When you know the type of movies that your lover likes, you can buy some tickets. You can hide the tickets then surprise him on the day of the film.

Outdoor activities

You can organize some events such as a picnic, going to the zoo, hiking, fishing, fun parks and so on. These types of events will help you have a quality time with your partner.

These are some of the things that you can surprise your lover and create great memories. And ensure that you make your relationship fun and exciting. Always get chocolate flowers delivery to your partner and find activities that help you spend some quality time together.

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