Daimler Truck says that the transition to EVS will cost jobs


All over the world, governments are putting pressure on car vehicle transition manufacturers to electric cars and trucks using the battery. Although governments say that displaced workers simply learn to make other jobs, it’s not always easy. Daimler Truck has recently announced that traditional gas trucks and diesel trolleys on zero emission fuel trolleys cost about half of the jobs of truck engine plants in Europe over the next 15 years.

Daimler Truck CEO Martin Daum asks makers to prepare for the huge amount of displaced workers now. The move to zero emission vehicles, especially trucks, is part of the sustainability goals that automakers must meet. However, fuel cells have fewer moving parts and require less workforce than combustion engines.

Daum says that we must realize that about 50% of jobs will disappear because the fuel cell and the battery are much less complex than a diesel engine and a transmission today. The executive states that the good news is about 15 years to prepare before enormous amounts of workers are affected. Daimler Truck is the largest truck manufacturer in the world and stated that it was “all inclusive” on electrical and hydrogen electric vehicles.

The TruckMaker says that zero emission vehicles will represent 60% of its sales by 2030 and 100% of its sales by 2039. Daum also stated that the construction of a supply infrastructure of hydrogen is essential for Get fleet operators to buy fuel trucks and help Europe meet climate goals. The executive went so far as to say if it had the trucks today that will be available in 2025 and beyond, they would not sell because there is no hydrogen refueling network. The lack of hydrogen and electric charge networks is often reported as a great reason, more consumers are not moving on electric vehicles today.

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