7 Basic Steps How to Become a Freelance Academic Writer


If you want to learn how to be a freelancer, you should know that you’re not alone. This is a lucrative field, and many professional writers are earning a living as freelancers. No matter where you are in the world, you need to follow the same steps to be a freelance academic writer.

The thing about freelance academic writing is that there is a lot of wrong advice out there. People who have never written professionally are spreading the wrong information. As a result, professional writers who have the potential to make it as freelance academic writers either get into the market with the wrong information, or they get discouraged from even trying.

The most common myth is that you need formal training to write academic papers. The truth is, anyone can thrive as a freelance academic writer as long as they have the skill and dedication. If you’re a homebody, this is the perfect career for you because you can easily work from home. You don’t have to deal with the pressure that comes with 9-5 jobs.

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1.    Do your Research

To make it as a freelance academic writer, you have to get your facts right. Take your time to research the market to figure out how much you would be earning. You also need to learn about the styles of writing clients will require you to use. This way, you take the shortest time completing an order. You can learn about freelance writing through blogs and writer websites.

2.    Prepare Financially

Once you know everything about freelancing, you need to prepare financially before you start writing. You should understand that your writing speed, in the beginning, will not be as fast. This means that you won’t be able to complete as many jobs in a day as you would like.

However, you need not fret because your typing speed will improve over time. Preparing financially before you start your journey as a freelance academic writer ensures that you can sustain yourself before you start earning.

In whatever venture you get yourself, you should always have a safety net. This way, if things do not work, you have something to fall back on. This should not be an exception because there’s no knowing if freelance academic writing is not meant for you.

3.    Define your Niche

Saying you’re an academic writer without specifying what you specialize in will not work out for you. To thrive, you have to define your niche. Find something you’re good at and polish your skills. For instance, if you’re a history buff, you can choose to earn money to discovery new historical events. You could also write science papers or do math assignments.

Make sure you don’t go for a subject you’re not good in. As they say, if you’re doing something you love, you’ll not work a day in your life.

4.    Start Small

As a newbie in the freelance academic space, you cannot compare yourself with professional writers who have been doing this for years. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself when you’ve barely taken a month in the industry. Start small and focus on what works.

Only take assignments you’re sure you can complete because the last thing you want to do is to tarnish your reputation and mess up the opportunity to make a good impression.

5.    Refine your Writing Skill Routinely

There are unlimited resources in the academic writing space you can use to refine your writing skills. The reason you should polish your writing skills is that it helps boost your value as a writer.

If you write like a newbie, you cannot earn much as an academic writer. Every client is looking for experts because they offer value for money. No one wants to spend money on writing services if they’ll still need to go through their paper to ensure you followed all instructions.

6.    Learn how to Find Clients

As a freelance academic writer, you need to join online communities for freelancers. Join well-reputed communities and work on building a portfolio. In the beginning, you might feel discouraged because clients will most likely choose writers with experience over you. However, over time, as you gain experience, the number of clients that give you work will increase.

Ensure you come up with a creative proposal that gets the attention of clients. Consider saying that you’re a new writer who’s willing to offer writing services at a cheaper rate to help build your reputation. When you get an order, ensure you give it your best because this determines if the client will trust you with another order.

7.    Learn how to Manage your Time

You cannot succeed as a freelancer if you don’t know how to manage time. Remember that even though you won’t have a boss breathing down your neck, your clients expect you to submit orders on time.


There you have it, seven tips that help you begin making money as a freelance academic writer.

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