Android 12 confidentiality Dashboard could be Google’s response to the thrust of Apple’s private life


Android’s privacy security and privacy systems have evolved greatly over the years, which grow from a “single size for any” authorization system to something more fine-grained. Of course, it also meant that the system could become too confusing and too scattered so that users take place on their part. This can be very contrasted in how the public sees Apple’s privacy efforts on iOS and that Google is now rumored to take additional steps in Android 12 to improve its privacy image.

The current android authorization system is already powerful, allowing users to grant or revoke access to specific features. At the same time, it is not easy to search, especially with the sometimes dispersed android settings. With the recent process of the transparency or the Tense Apple, the privacy features of Android and Google’s position on privacy are naturally under the spotlight.

The information, however, indicates that Google only takes steps in this direction. On the one hand, he wants to paint an image of a company that values ​​privacy, especially envisaged by what Google is notorious. On the other hand, he also wants to pay more attention to how such confidentiality measures will affect advertising companies, including his own.

The report also states that Google will present new confidentiality controls for Android at the Google I / O summit this week. This will facilitate the users’ task of achieving the confidentiality settings of applications already random, simply accessible. XDA Theoretical theoretical this is the Android 12 confidentiality table that was previously disclosed.

In addition to this dashboard, Android 12 should also have indicators when there are applications using the camera or the phone microphone, as when GPS is used. These indicators are something that IOS has already and some are probably painting like Android, simply catching up. Again, better late than never, as they say.

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