Forty designers receive circle DVDs of strange cultures in the middle of an extraterrestrial leak


Many important fortnite creators and streamers have received packages containing DVD players and DVDs containing real crop circle images. The mysterious packages have arrived shortly after the Big Fornite 16.50 updated, as well as leaks for an imminent extraterrestrial invasion and possible island abductions.

DVDs do not suspect the epic, which probably risks peach anticipation for Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 7. Following the last major update, data minors, in particular Hypex, have disclosed a number of details On the supposed extraterrestrial event as well as as changes that may arrive at the end of this season.

DVDs, which seem to show different circles of crops engraved in various real destinations, were sent to banners such as Loserfruit, Sylpk and others. Packages were limited to remarkable designers and stretchers, highlighting the promotional aspect of this activity.

EPIC did not commented the packages and remains silent about any supposed extraterrestrial activity arriving on the battle royal island. However, Hypex has disclosed a number of details, including UFOs will appear on the island where they will choose abducts in advance, and then zoom in around their removal, restoring their health and abandon them elsewhere.

It seems that UFOs can subscribe whole groups of people, that they go to the surface after each storm and they will start to appear towards the end of the season 6. Players only have two weeks To finish their challenges before season 7 arrives.

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