Caffeine can prevent you from waking up, but that will not help you spend the day


A new study on the preferred stimulus of humanity has found that while caffeine helps you stay awake after a night of sleep deprivation, this will not necessarily help you cross the tasks of the day. The results are based on about 275 participants who have been deprived of sleep, given to caffeine, and then charged to fill out some tests.

The new research comes from the Sleep and Learning Laboratory of the Michigan State University, where experts have evaluated whether caffeine can help a person overcome the cognitive impact of sleep deprivation. Unfortunately, this does not seem to be the case, participants who have trouble performing more difficulties from the two tasks that have been given.

Although caffeine has helped participants finish a simple task that needed their attention, they finally had trouble playing at a time, especially the “custody” task that needed finishing challenges in a certain order without Nothing to mix. Caffeine did not offer any kind of significantly reinforcement when it was the biggest challenge.

The results indicate that while caffeine can help you stay awake and do simple things in sleep, it probably does not protect you from making the kind of mistakes that are common when someone does not get enough hours of sleep. This can be particularly harmful in cases where someone has to pay attention to the end of tasks, such as in the medical field.

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