10 things about influencer marketing platform you need to know


The popularity of influencer marketing is soaring to new heights since the last decade. According to Google Trends, influencer marketing is gaining popularity over print media and is as popular as video marketing among the audience. Hence, brands big and small are rushing to platforms having expertise in the same.

Well, if you are someone who still hasn’t jumped into it and is in doubt about how and when to choose the right platform, we are here to help.

Here are 10 common questions about influencer marketing platforms and their answers.

What is influencer marketing?

One of the most common questions asked by people is ‘what is influencer marketing?

If we put it in simple words, influencer marketing is a method of digital marketing that is used to promote a product or a service using some of the powerful social media bloggers and personalities. Brands use the influence of these personalities to reach their followers, increase their brand’s awareness, and improve user engagement.

Why use influencer marketing?

Even if people are aware of what influencer Marketing is the big question that arises is why a brand should use influencer marketing.

The prime reason for using influencer marketing is that it is drastically different from the traditional marketing methods used for brand promotions. This method uses a third-party for promoting the products and services instead of the brand itself jumping in. Thus, it appears to be less promotional. Furthermore, it has a great reach among the young audience.

What are the red flags to beware of?

While identifying influencers for your ad campaigns here are the key red flags you should always beware of:

  • Fake followers
  • Posting frequency
  • Poor Content quality

Influencers will act as the face of your brand. Therefore, avoid hiring an influencer with these red flags as it can adversely affect the brand’s image among the audience.

Do I need a big budget for influencer marketing?

Yet another question that is mostly asked by people especially by small businesses is do they need to have a big budget for influencer marketing?

However, it is a common misconception that influencer marketing needs a heavy budget. The truth is influencer marketing campaigns can be successfully executed within the marketing budget irrespective of the size of the business. The prime reason behind this is the influencers charge based on the number of followers they have.

How to find the right influencers?

An important part of your influencer marketing strategy is finding the right influencers for your products and services. However, finding the right social media influencer is a big challenge as many of them are purchasing fake followers and likes.

The best way to find the right and genuine influencer is by using an influencer marketing platform. Platforms like Clan Connect have a database of thousands of influencers from all across the globe and you can filter them based on their location, reach, the niche they cater to, engagement rate, etc.

It also offers you a facility to live-track the performance of your ad campaign and also shares a detailed analysis report of how the campaign is performing.

Why should I switch to an influencer marketing platform?

If you are confused about why you should move to a dedicated influencer marketing platform, here are some crucial benefits it has to offer:

  • It helps in saving time by allowing you to search through millions of influencers.
  • The right platform helps you scale up easily by tracking data for multiple influencers you are working with.
  • It helps you in easily vetting the influencers by revealing to you the true data of influencers in the market.
  • It helps you keep a real-time watch on how the audience engagement is rolling
  • It acts as a one-stop-shop for launching and monitoring your campaigns along with building long-term strategies.

When do I need to use a platform?

Influencer marketing works well when you have a specific target audience that you know connects regularly with influencers. An influencer marketing agency acts as an asset for your business that delivers you access to rapid customer engagement strategies and helps you expand your audience base. Furthermore, if you are selling products that have a high value and are looking forward to reaching a highly specific target audience, influencer marketing is the right choice. Hiring a platform in this case will help you run specific campaigns along with real-time performance reports of how the users are engaging. Agencies know the right platform suitable for reaching the specific target audience. It is time for you to hire an influencer marketing platform if you wish to leverage their expertise and relationship for building your brand.

How to decide which platform is the best?

A right influencer marketing platform is the one that offers not just influencer marketing solutions but a host of other services. Platforms like Clan Connect not only help you scale up your sales by simply running the campaigns but offer more than that. Clan Connect uses AI which makes your campaigns data and result-oriented. Furthermore, it offers you customizable analytics, strong data intelligence, easy interaction between stakeholders, and a democratized process to scale up your marketing efforts and sales in return.

Hiring the right platform can be a tough job, but basic answers to some common yet essential questions can help in hiring the right agency within the budget at the right time.

Does the platform offer the services you need?

Once you are convinced that you need to associate with an influencer marketing platform, the next question is checking whether it is offering the services you need. Some platforms offer a bouquet of services while others have limited offerings. Check for the tools they offer, the strategy they follow, and how things are handled from influencer selection to project management and execution.

What kind of reporting is offered?

Last but not least question you need to ask before hiring an influencer marketing agency is what kind of reporting does the agency offers. You need to ask what kind of metrics will be shared with you. Does the agency offer you a detailed report of how your ad campaigns are running? It is always advisable to ask for sample reports to have an idea regarding the same. ClanConnect offers you customizable analytics and strong data intelligence when it comes to tracking the performance of your marketing campaigns.

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