Things You Need to Start a Business in Rural America


Starting a business is tough, especially in rural states with small populations. After all, there are plenty of nuances that come with both establishing and maintaining a business. However, building a company of your own can prove to have a significant return of investment, especially if it taps into an in-demand market. If your base of operations is in a rural district, then you’re not only benefiting from lower costs but are also helping the population find employment.

If you decide to take the risk by quitting your job and starting up what may become the next big corporation, then there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. From conceptualization to working with commercial lenders and securing documents, here are some of the most critical steps in ensuring a successful business.

Think of the Big Picture

You have decided to start a business, but what kind of company are you exactly trying to establish? All the largest corporations in the world began with one big idea and finding that is what you need to springboard from zero to success. Start with market research and determine the immediate needs of your community. If your area is far away from the nearest commercial district, then establishing a local produce store, grocery store, or clothing store might be a good idea.

However, not all businesses have to cater to local needs. Rural areas have large plots of land — perfect for starting a farm or a factory. Make a list of all of your options and ask yourself a couple of questions. How relevant will your business idea be in the future? Is it still viable ten years from now, or does it face danger from the rapid technological advancements? Also, consider your familiarity with the industry that you’re trying to tap into, as prior experience will make starting significantly smoother.

Secure a Source of Funds

Funding is a big challenge that business owners face. Even after successfully establishing a business, large projects such as expansion or purchasing new equipment can be quite costly. Realistically, most people will not have enough money to fully finance a company on the get-go, as it can require millions of dollars.

A commercial loan would be your best option for large-scale financing. But as it is essentially private credit, it can be challenging to obtain. As a result, you need to find commercial lenders who can offer a commercial loan program dedicated to rural businesses.

Some companies offer commercial loans for this specific demographic because rural America is declining, despite covering 97% of the country’s land. Because of this circumstance, you will have no trouble finding commercial lenders who offer initiatives that guarantee rural business owners a loan in hopes of preserving the rural economy.

Non-profits, for-profits, and cooperatives are some businesses that qualify, but there are plenty more that are eligible. You can receive anywhere between $1 million to $25 million, which can cover everything from machinery to labor and development.

Prepare the Necessary Documents

When starting a business, you need to secure various permits depending on the industry and location. For your business to come to life, you would need federal and state tax IDs, permits, licenses, trademarks or patents, and officially register your business. If you’re unfamiliar with the entire process, a lawyer that specializes in business may be able to help you.

Additionally, if you’re taking a commercial loan, then it’s crucial to prepare the collateral that you will be offering. Most companies require you to shell out assets with equal value to your loan. It can be equipment, land, or other fixed assets. After that, understanding the terms offered by your loan agent and closing all documents will guarantee you the funds to finally establish your business.

Starting a business can be quite difficult, but with the right mindset, research, and funding, you have all the primary requirements for becoming successful. There are a plethora of opportunities in rural America, so do not be afraid and take the leap and start your dream company. Who knows — it might grow faster than you imagine.

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