Classy yet versatile Sharara suits are perfect to lay this Season


Who would not want to look outstanding and stunning on the wedding season? Wedding dresses are the most common debate now a days as the season is here and there are a list of wedding invites to attend. We women just need a reason to shop as women are said to be shopaholic. Weddings are all about colors and themes like gharara, sharara suit, saree etc and a ton of functions. The Asian weddings are full of traditions and customs.

versatile Sharara suits

We Pakistanis are always ready to display our culture here in UK as we have strong connection to our traditions and roots in Pakistan.all we wanted to were was typical traditional Pakistani dresses. Keeping the dresses in minds dark and bright colors are must use in these events. There is a new trend to dress or look alike in similar clothes or colors is also a part of weddings now a days. Everyone wants to follow the trends so there is a popular term “theme” which is followed on weddings. Theme consists of same dresses or same style or same colors. I personally love following themes which shows love and strong bond with the relatives and friends and also portrays traditions. theme can be followed by wearing same color by all the women of the family. If there is no color compulsion than all the ladies follow same dress code in different colors.

Top on My Recommendation List

Libas e Jamila is a hub of amazing traditional sharara dresses so the we were planning to wear sharara dresses on my cousin’s wedding. My family is on top of following the theme trend. So that was the time we were in rush to get hands on our sharara suits. Due to ongoingCOVID-19 situation we could not go the markets we decided to search for ready to wear dresses online sharara suits UK. Suddenly I came across an online brand Libas e Jamila. This site sharara suits UK was full of cultural and modish dresses. I felt so happy that finally I got my eyes on something exactly what we all were planning to wear. There was a vast variety of sharara suits large color options and designs. It was very difficult to decide what to buy and what to leave as al the outfits were beautiful. The color options were confusing too because their range included all the dark and bold colors that are a part of Asian weddings and for more information connect with Pakistani Whatsapp Group Links

All of us decided that this was the place we have to order our sharara suits from. We selected our pieces and booked them. The parcels were delivered on time to all of us and I was very surprised to see the quality and stitching of my dress it was 10/10. Spending money on the outfits from Libas e Jamila was worth it.

Hub of Latest Designs

The most amazing thing of Libas e Jamila is that they follow the traditional clothing but on the same time their dresses are very trendy and fashionable. Surprisingly all of my cousins here in UK ordered their sharara suits from the same brand. The dresses were from one brand but all of them were different fromeach other.This is because Libas e Jamila is a center of latest sharara suits. The colors of all dresses are bold and beautiful and perfect for the modern weddings. Traditional clothes mostlygive an old-fashioned vibe but the clothing line of Libas e Jamila is very modern and elegant.

My Sharara Suit Details

Here is the picture of the sharara suit I ordered from this boutique. It is one of my favorite dresses from their latest sharara dresses collection. The color of all three pieces is same. The dark color gives the dress a bold look and the light-colored embroidery with golden tilla work makes it very traditional. The shirt has tilla hand work on it with edging on slits and sleeves. The design of neck gives it a modern look. The full sleeve length looks very sophisticated and decent. Sharara was very comfortable and heavy giving the dress a royal and outstanding look with very neat stitching and patches on the ends. Dupattas are always most important thing in a dress. The dupatta is very light and decent with small stones allover. I styled this dress with a gold jewelry set.

I definitely recommend you guys to buy from them. You will definitely get top quality products and it’s amazing how it will promote your culture as well.

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