What is KYC/AML Compliance and Why Banks Need It?

sam bawa

The financial sector is the major target of financial criminals. Banks lose millions to fraud, and non-compliance penalties annually. Two recent cases of money laundering that rose in the banking sector include the Danske bank and Swedbank money laundering scandal. Both the banks lost millions of dollars, credibility, and market […]

How to Set The Payroll Error in QuickBooks

sam bawa

QuickBooks Payroll enables you to skip a lot of complicated calculations during taxes and payroll. because this application does all of the related calculation instantly and automatically. This is done through data retrieval from the QuickBooks Desktop Payroll application. Both payroll and taxes are computed by this type of accounting […]

Tips to cruise through Airport Security

sam bawa

You know what is the worst that can happen to you on the day of your travel? Getting delayed for your flight because of the security check bottlenecks. As a veteran traveller, you are no stranger to first-time travellers fumbling with their pocket change to get past security or the […]

World’s Top One click Facebook Account Hacker- BlurSPY


Facebook has more than one billion users in the world, one billion is a large figure, that shows the popularity of Facebook among the public. Facebook also stepped into one’s personal blogging, people are concern about their Facebook accounts privacy and the same time many people are busy in finding […]

How to invite PCD pharma franchise distributors?

sam bawa

In a pharmaceutical company, efficient suppliers are very significant. Distribution networks help to improve bulk sales of commodities like pharmaceutical products, drugs, or medical products. Sales are not simple for one person per product. Distributor coordination is of the utmost importance. You want better methods to accommodate PCD drug franchise […]

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