Basic overview of the meaning of the term credit score


The credit score that you have is highly significant in the United States of America. You need to ensure that you carefully attain to your credit scores because if you fail to do so, then it will be really difficult for you to get basic household necessities like a phone connection, a cable line or even gas connection hooked up at your home. In this article, you will be learning about the meaning of the term “credit score” in greater detail.

There are a number of different companies present who would be looking at the credit score that you have before they hire you for a job. In many of the time, even if they see that you are well qualified and eligible for the job, but having a bad credit score can be detrimental to your job.

A credit score is something that shall also be analyzed in detail by various creditors like for instance the credit card companies and also many banks. It will be very difficult for you to even apply for and get loans for various necessary purposes like for starting a business when you have low credit scores. In general, if you have low credit scores, then you will have fewer chances of getting your loan approved unless you agree to pay high rates of interests.

How a is credit score important for credit card application?

This is also going to happen in the event that you should think of applying for a new credit card. The banks or the credit card companies which will issue the credit cards will be first taking a look towards the credit score which you have before they would think of approving your applications. When you have a high credit score, then it will mean that you can have a more probable chance to get good deals on your credit cards that would also include several other features. In addition to this, there would be low-interest rates incurred for the purchases that you make by using the credit cards.

Also, if you think of applying for mortgages, car loans or other types of loans, then the credit score shall be playing a significant role there. It is for these reasons that you should try to get high credit scores and also maintain that and even try to increase the score.

What is the importance of credit scores?

However, it is essential for you first to understand the meaning of credit scores. Credit scores are a three digits number which can range from three hundred to eight hundred and fifty. This is the number that shall be representing the specific calculation about the chances of you paying or bills or defaulting on them. This shall consequently mean that when you get high credit scores, then the creditors shall be certain that you can be a less dangerous credit risk when compared to someone who has got a lower credit score.

In the USA, the Fair Isaac Corporation or the FICO is the most credible model for getting credit scores. They will calculate the credit score that you have by just using a specialized formula which they developed. This is the system which will be mainly used by the credit industries in the country.

The credit scores will be calculated by using these main factors:

  1. The punctuality of your payments: This shall be the first 35 percent of the total calculation. In the event that you are paying your bills right on time or even before the due date then you will get high credit scores.
  1. The capacity that has been used: This shall be amounting to 30 percent of the total calculation for your credit score. It shall contain the ratio between the current of your debts to the total credit that you have.
  1. Duration of the credits: This shall be amounting to fifteen percent of the calculation of the credit score.
  1. The type of credit that you used: This will be 10% of the total credit score.
  1. Recent credits that you took: This shall be of 10% also of the calculation for the credit score.

A lot of people, unfortunately, are not aware of their credit scores and can get denied approval for their loans and will just wonder why that happened.

You can find out what your credit score is by calling up credit card companies or by visiting the bank and providing your details or you can click here and get your credit score analyzed.


Getting a high credit score is essential if you wish to get a loan approved and also for several other purposes mentioned above. You can be sure to get good credit scores by paying your bills on time and not defaulting on your loans. Hopefully, the information mentioned in this article will have helped you.

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