The process of MRI Scans


The term MRI scan refers to the process where images of the structures and organs of the human body are taken out with the help of an MRI scanner and by using the technique called magnetic resonance imaging. MRI scans can give detailed images about tissues, bones, nerves and muscles. These scans are then studied by professions to know if there is any abnormality inside the body. The images help in detecting any slight abnormal variation in the body and thus help the patient to get proper treatment at an earlier phase. Unlike the other scanning processes like the CT scan or the x-ray, MRI scan is free of any radiations. Thus the process is not harmful for the body. MRI scan uses radio and magnetic waves to get the images of the insides of the body.

The magnetic wave that is used in the MRI scan tends to attract metal objects. Thus it is not suitable to do this process on patients who have metal implants. This means, patients with metal pins and rods in their bodies or with metal prosthetic valves in their heart should refrain from undergoing this process. Patients with pacemakers or with a metallic body in their eye or ear should also not be prescribed the scan.  Before the scan begins the patients are requested to remove all kinds of metal objects that they might have been wearing or carrying around.

The time consumed by an MRI scan is not very long. The scan does not require a patient to stay a whole night at the hospital and can be done with in a rather short span of time. There is no need for anesthesia as well as the process is painless. However, some patients are given mild sedation or medication to ensure that they remain relaxed in case the process takes some longer time. Once the scan is done, the patients can lead their regular life and there remains no restriction.

During the scan, the patients are made to lie on a table that then slides into the MRI scanner. The technician performing the test stands behind the window of the adjoining room and can hear the test being performed.

If you are looking for MRI centres in Chennai then you will have to keep certain things in mind. You should aim at getting your MRI scan done at the best MRI centre in Chennai. In order to find the best clinic or hospital to do your MRI you should first make a list of the available clinics in your area. After making a list you have to shortlist from that list. Once you have picked a clinic you have to a background research of the clinic to make sure that it has enough years of experience in the field. You should also make sure that the clinic only hires certified professionals for the scanning procedure. You must check the online rating and reviews of the clinic to get an idea about the quality of their services.

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