API messaging gives authentication by using SMS API integration


The process of delivering mobile messages from an application to mobile phone user is called A2P messaging. A2P SMS providers also deliver enterprise or professional SMS. Businesses can use it in various technical modes to build the communication with consumers. They authenticate users of online services and deliver time-sensitive alerts. In all the cases, this type of communication is initiated from a business application. In case of P2P SMS, messaging is to an individual’s mobile phone.


A2P SMS providers make it most efficient and improve communication. Few examples of messaging services are:

  • Online reservation systems
  • Banking notifications
  • Automatic booking confirmations
  • Critical alerts
  • Marketing notifications
  • Loyalty programs
  • SMS based two way communication
  • Corporate platforms support service

And many more places like for example financial institutions have been using A2P SMS for more than 15 years, by delivering event-based SMS notifications automatically to their customer’s mobile phones. It includes anti-fraud alerts, payment reminders, balance statements or withdrawal notifications.

Easy reliable communication through API integration

Communication APIs for SMS service are built to be simple to use, endlessly scalable and powerful in production. A2P SMS providers built their APIs in the cloud. They are always available, continuously upgraded, and automatically scaled to meet your needs.

Many service providers give option to pay only for what you use. You can enjoy reliable and secured embedded communication without the necessity to build backend infrastructure, supporting interfaces and security.

What is communication APIs for SMS service?

Communication APIs for SMS service arewell-developed software interface that enables code to send short messages via a SMS gateway.There is a huge demand for communications APIs and SMS APIs that allow productivity from both worlds to ‘bridge the gap’ in between the telecommunications carrier networks and the wider web.

Communication APIs for SMS serviceare used to authorise web applications to easily send or receive text messages through logic codes written for standard web frameworks. Many such service providers offer a simple, stable yet powerful APIs that brings telecommunication programming to the web.

Criteria’s to keep in mind before choosing an API service provider

  • Coverage Area of a Provider

The area of coverage is the first thing you should consider. It is very important to know the regions covered by any service provider. SMS Service Provider’s SMS API becomes dead on arrival unless your intended region is covered.

  • Type of Coverage

There are two types of connections direct and indirect. A thorough research is required to determine the type of coverage. It is always better to go for direct connection as indirect connection may have longer delivery time.

  • Delivery rate

There are number of reasons of messages to not get delivered like number portability issues or invalid phone numbers etc.

  • SMS Gateway Throughput and Latency

The Throughput and Latency determines how quickly the SMS get processed and transmitted. SMS gateways that can send messages in milliseconds are worth-choosing.

  • Pricing

Try to get one that meets your business needs keeping the cost in mind.

So, always go for qualified standard A2P SMS provider that will give you excellent option for communication APIs.

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