The new capabilities of Google Assistant allow users to jump directly into action


As expected, Google has revealed many new things that users can expect on different forms of Android as well as Google Myriad services. Google Assistant is a platform that binds many of them, including Smarness still needs a little work here and there. For I / O 2021, Google introduces new ways for developers to exploit these smarts and allow users to jump directly into the content or section of an application they need without saying a lot.

One of the problems with the intelligent assistants activated by the voice is that you sometimes have to be verbable to get the information or actions you need. Google has introduced various features such as shortcut application to facilitate this load and expand Google’s literal capabilities to make the process even shorter.

The actions of the application, for example, allow developers to integrate Google Assistant in their applications so that users can simply say a short sentence rather than typing repeatedly on their screen. The new API features allows users to go through a specific section of an application or trigger, even when they are not inside the application. For example, you can instantly post something about social media without even opening Twitter or Snapchat.

This new API also opens a world of widgets that allow answers and interactions at once, even on the phone lock screen. These widgets will be perfect for the interactions optimized by driving on Android auto in the future.

Google also improves the discovery of application shortcuts that allow users to define their own convenience commands. Not only do the application specific shortcuts appear in the gallery of assistant shortcuts, developers can also start to suggest shortcuts in specific application screens so that users can immediately create a shortcut for this section at that time. And there.

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