Galaxy Watch with Tizen will have three years updates


Most rumors pointed out Samsung adopting wear wear for its future smartwatches. However, they never anticipated that the company would actually play a more important role in Google’s portable future. This may seem comforting from the wear fans of the operating system that a large company like Samsung invests a lot in the future of the platform, but it could also seem to discourage for those who are already invested in the platform. Tizen of Samsung. Samsung launches a bone of this group by promising updates that will last three years, however, it’s only two years now since the last Galaxy watch.

The partnership between Google and Samsung Over Wearables seems definitely as a symbiotic. On the one hand, Samsung’s smartwatches are very popular, supporting applications is not. The use of the operating system, on the other hand, is used on most smartwatches, but the global user experience leaves a lot to be desired.

With the new partnership, Samsung brings some of its Tizen tools and systems to wear OS. This includes its Galaxy monitoring studio to create standby faces and applications as well as its smart ecosystems and fitness and fitness systems. Operating system wear for Galaxy watches will only be available for future models and apparently leaving those with existing intelligent sources in the cold.

That’s why, in his blog point, flying over the new Smartwatch Innovation era, Samsung ends with promising existing customers three years of updates for their intelligent sources based on Tizen. That said, since the last Galaxy watch launched last year, it is almost two years for the most recent model.

If it was the old Samsung, this promise would probably be satisfied with doubt and suspicion. Fortunately, Samsung today has been pretty religious in the thrust of updates so that Tizen SmartWatch fans always can wait for corrections and new features of hope for another year.

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