VLSI- A Way to Success


Today, we are living in a world where a person is open to do any kind of job. There are no limitations while choosing a job one wants to do. If we talk about engineering, it is vast. One can go for Mechanical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Civil Engineering, and Electronics […]

Improving the Wireless Range: Overview


Main wireless routers, adapters, and access point send and receive radio wave signals through the antennas.  Today, most routers and access points have external visible antennas, but some of them are housed internally. Well, radio waves can be focused easily like a light bulb, and like a light, some materials […]

The Most Refined Video Applications for Android


Videos out there are in abundance. You can find myriad of videos that are amazing, helpful and friendly. You can find a great pinch of merriment, enjoyment, learning and so on. But what if you don’t have a right platform to watch videos? Well, shun such a worry because there […]

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