Incoming Hades Hades Playstation 4 Port maybe from being damaged


At this point, Hades is a game that does not need a lot of introduction. First published on the steam in early access, the Dungeon Crawler Roguelike had version 1.0 published last year to a critical and commercial acclamation. At the time since then, we saw Hades come to Nintendo Switch and we heard from the player’s whisper coming to other platforms – specifically the Xbox One. Now it seems that the talls also become with Playstation 4.

As it turns out, Hades was noted for Playstation 4 by the notation and the Korean administration committee. The note was discovered during the weekend and published in Queetera, and it is probably our best indication that Hades could come to Playstation consoles in the future.

Obviously, this note is not concrete proof that the Hades arrive at the Playstation 4, but it is encouraging for anyone who may wish to see the Indian success of supergoing, comes to the PlayStation of the consoles (as it would probably be playable on the PS5). Interestingly, the GRAC list says two interactive, it is the one that requested this note, which could suggest that supergent looking for help from the publication of help on other platforms.

Given the Hades accolades received since release, it seems that a no-obvious to bring it other platforms. It should be emphasized that supergent has a story with Xbox and PlayStation brands. The first match of the company, bastion, released on a bunch of different consoles, including Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3 and PS Vita. The second game of the company, transistor, even launched on PlayStation 4 as launched on PC.

So, the idea that the supergiant develops console communiqués for Hades is easy to believe, especially with this list with the game notation and the administration committee to open. We will let you know so supergiant confirms PlayStation and Xbox versions of Hades in the future, so stay listening for more.

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