Quick Guide: Key Considerations When Redesigning a Website

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At some point, you will need to carry out a redesign for your website. Or maybe you are already considering having it done. As you start looking for a web development agency in Dubai, you might need to take a few things into consideration to ensure that you get the best results from it.

Below are some considerations you need to take into account before hiring a web development agency in Dubai. It is now more important to pay attention to the website since it is becoming more of a front office for your business and can make or break your business.

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Have a Clear Reason for Redesigning

Redesigning the site should not just be a ritual that you perform because time has passed or because everyone else is doing it. Consider the functionality of the website, is it able to deliver what you require of it and are visitors finding it easy to use. There is also the fact that technology can grow outdated and would need to be upgraded. The user experience can have a big impact on whether they return or even buy stuff from your site, this means you need to focus on site speed and if there are a lot of issues slowing down the site, you may need to redesign it to make it faster.

Make Navigation Easier

Right from the time a visitor lands on your site, it should be not just attractive, but also easy to know how to get around. Tabs that they may need should be easily accessible and they need to understand what they are looking at, which means clear pictures and where necessary, the captions should be clear and available. An eCommerce site also may need features like a wish list where a visitor can mark items they may want to purchase later.

Implement a Well-Planned Architecture and URL

A website redesign should begin with studying the old architecture and then planning a new one that is more efficient and up to date. The structure will help with web visibility and SEO ranking. It is also necessary to consider the URL and to add researched keywords in the URL and the website. This helps in determining the relevance of the website content to the searcher and in turn, helps to improve the rank of the website.

Content Creation

A new design may also require new content. The content may not have to be completely created from scratch, but it may need to be synchronized with the new design. That may mean creating content that is more mobile-friendly, content that appeals to people who are scanning through the website, as well as content that is easier to read with the right text size and spacing.

Site Data

There is a lot of data that may be stored on the old site and may need to be saved. This may include analytical data as well as data about customers. All this needs to be taken into consideration so that it is not lost in the process of redesigning the website.

Depending on the size of the website, you may have to work with a team and it will be necessary to decide who will do what and how long it will take. This means more planning for the site.

The Common 404 Error

404 errors are notifications from the search engine indicating an inability to find the searched link by the user. They may not bring down your website at once but 404 errors can be a real nuisance both to the site owner and the search engine user. Find search engine tools like Google Analytics to track all 404 errors on your site for changes and improvements in your conversion process. Improve the search engine user’s experience, UX, by taking down all deleted pages or incomplete links. Knowing your 404-page errors is the start of your changes and rectifications on your site.

Scrapping Of Content off Your Site

Plagiarism has become a persistent issue for most websites today. No one likes duplicate content on the internet and that is what some entities may do to your site. Search engines greatly discourage this by punishing plagiarism while it may also influence your competitive advantage in the industry. Use tools to ascertain whose site your data is found on and reach out to them for corrective measures before any reports. You could also file a case with your domain hosting firm but you may be required to prove ownership of the content in the quest.

Old Data Showing on SERPS

Your only desire for your website is recognition by both your search engine and its search engine users. This cannot be so if you keep displaying old data on your website. This especially happens to site owners that leave their site unattended for long. The hack is being able to provide fresh and up-to-date data on your site for the search engine users to benefit but anything else of no use to the visitor could just be a dead weight dragging you behind. Removing useless pages from your site can be a tough task but there are tools like Google’s search index tools that can help you achieve this.

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