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Facebook has more than one billion users in the world, one billion is a large figure, that shows the popularity of Facebook among the public. Facebook also stepped into one’s personal blogging, people are concern about their Facebook accounts privacy and the same time many people are busy in finding ways to heck other’s Facebook password to spy on them, to know with whom they are talking and on which topic, and this regards there is the  surprising rise of android spy Facebook messenger, chat monitoring software, Facebook messages tracking app, Facebook messenger spy android and Facebook messenger spy android.

Many people out there are busy to suggest some tips and tricks about How to Heck someone’s Facebook Password, and let me tell you a secret, none of these tick’s work! All these internet experts don’t tell you the working, tested and tried tricks but they write only those things which they think makes sense. Now you might be thinking about that if none of them works then is it possible to heck Facebook account? The answer is yes! But only with the different and genuine Method, by using BlurSPY.

The best hacking app -BlurSPY:

Hacking Facebook account is just one click away!  You need nothing but to install BlurSPY app and do Facebook spy online. This is the best spying app with beg hasted features. BlurSPY not only helps you in hacking someone’s Facebook account but you can also perform other spying actions as well.

How to monitor Facebook?

 The question is why you need to heck someone’s Facebook account? Different peoples have different targets. Main reason for hacking Facebook account is to get access to their chats and get free messenger spy. Parents want to get updates from their child’s social account:

  • what they are watching
  • How many people are in their friend list?
  • Who is added in their Facebook account as their friend?
  • To whom they are chatting the most and on which topic
  • Is someone is trapping them in their flattered slanderous talking?

An employer also want to keep an eye on his employees, for the purpose to ensure their organization’s security they want to look after their employees. So, employees are also target fb spy.

 Steps to follow:

Here are simple steps you need to follow, in order to hack Facebook account of Target device;


The very first step is to check the compatibility of device, that means your device must meet the minimum requirements to install the app in it. You can check your operating system, if it is supporting the app then install it and move ahead!

Step 2:

The second step after downloading and installing BlurSPY app in the target device, you need to buy BlurSPY app license. For buying license you need to set payment and after you done with your payment procedure an email will be sent to you in which you will find all the details, including download links, and guideline regarding;

  • How to install BlurSPY app
  • How to use its features
  • Details about user credential

Step 3:

The next step is to open up the link given in the email, but the link should be opened in the target device, this is mandatory. If you are installing BlurSPY on your child’s mobile, hold his device in hands open up the link from the browser download the files from the given link and want for five mints, if you find any difficulty read the instructions given in the email. All of these will just take 5 mints and then all done.

Step 4:

You have installed the app, open up the link, on the target device now the device is in your control completely. The app does not have any physical existence clue neither it runs in background so you don’t need to be worried about this that it may be detected by the target device owner. It will remain invisible, now fill your credential to login to your BlurSPY account.

Step 5:

Now finally you are done with all steps and now it’s time to eat fruit of your efforts although a little one, but the fruits is still more worthy, when you enter your user credential you will see your dashboard. In the dashboard you will see all the activities of the target device, it is like to monitor your required device without being detected.

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