Xiaomi Brevet shows a modular phone camera system


Smartphone cameras grow again at an almost ridiculous rhythm and they are also growing up. Although there is indeed a large market for smartphones with excellent cameras, everyone might not be so interested in these, especially if they pay for an expensive brand in the process. Consumers do not really have a lot of choice in the cameras they get because of how phones are manufactured, but Xiaomi once again examines in modular phones to potentially offer more options, the alleged These people become reality.

The modular phone idea is hardly new and some companies have tried to make these ideas in reality. The nearest we had the attempt of LG G5 stranded at certain modular parts, but the fairphone also pushes modularity for the sake of durability. It seems that Xiaomi also has other modular ideas, those that rotate instead of smartphones cameras.

According to the patent spotted by Lesgodigital, Xiaomi thought of a system where only specific parts of a telephone can be deleted. Although the basic components of the phone, including battery, screen and logical cards, remain intact, camera modules and lower ports can be exchanged. This could be a bit difficult to visualize what Xiaomi means, but fortunately, lesgodigital shares some make sure this modular phone could look like.

Based on Xiaomi’s patent deposit, the modular phone can switch between a module with a square camera branch and one with cameras in a single column. However, the yields also consider a module with a second screen on the back, perfect for using the cameras for selfies.

The patent also shows the lower part of the slippery phone if it does not show what can be done with it. This edge of the phone could also be a little problematic because of the way speakers and charge ports are there. Of course, these are only patents and can not even become real products, especially given the way the modular phones did not sell despite popular ideas.

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