Nintendo Switch Online now offers 104 classic games on its list


Unlike Sony PlayStation and Microsoft Xbox, Nintendo has never been big about late compatibility, preferring that people buy their hardware and games if they are still there. Of course, its oldest consoles are no longer and has found a way to capitalize on this subject with its online switch subscription service that accesses NES Classic NES and SNES titles that are now numbered on one hundred.

The tastes of the players evolve over the decades, but that does not mean that the elders are bad. To a certain extent, getting official access to these games opens a window in the past of play story. They also left people live and relieve the beginning of the Nintendo video game empire.

There are of course many ways to have access to these games, some of which will not even cost a penny. Real fans, however, will probably get theirs from the source and that’s what Nintendo Switch Online offers, at least, among others.

This month, Nintendo is proud to reach an important step that now lists 104 ancient games totaling SNES and NES consoles. Joining that the group SNES is the Cave-guy platform of the Ninja Caveman, Japanese Magical Drop2 puzzle game that makes its English debut, Simulator Super Baseball 1000 and Spanky’s quest. Another unique Japanese game is launched for the first time in English because Ninja Jajamaru Kun becomes the newest member of the NES this month.

Of course, the online switching service also offers other benefits beyond access to classic titles, some players need to be available for all. This includes online game and discussion with others, which only have a monthly subscription of $ 3.99.

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