Are 5G smartphones a new lifeline for the mobile industry?


Reliance Industries recently announced that Jio, one of the top mobile network operators in India, would launch 5G services by the second half of 2021. The fifth-generation of the communication network is said to accompany lower latency, increased bandwidth, and higher capacity when compared to the current 4G network.

It is expected that the unprecedented speed of the 5G-enabled network is going to revolutionise global connectivity and how individuals lead their lives, work, or spend time on the internet. Part of this can be contributed to an increasing requirement to get the mobile phone 5G to become a part of this next-generation mobile network technology.

Smartphone industry and 5G rollouts

With the rollout of 5G mobile network technology and greater emphasis on digital retail mediums, a hope to ride out the impact of economic slowdowns and facilitate sustenance in the mobile industry has been raised.

As per global surveys, around 81% of operators across the globe plan to change their smartphone vendor roster before 2021. Another most prominent factor that they are now willing to consider while looking for a new vendor is 5G compatibility.

As 5G becomes more prevalent, it can be expected that more operators will collaborate with vendors who can bring the best 5G mobiles at budget-friendly prices. Furthermore, the operators expect that with the launch of 5G network technology, more individuals will purchase a new smartphone to avail its accompanying benefits.

Benefits of 5G mobile phones

These pointers below highlight the benefits that a 5G-enabled smartphone user can expect to experience –

  1. Users will be able to make the most of super-speed data streaming by experiencing quick browsing and faster downloading speeds. Current 4G modems offer a maximum of 300Mbps download speed, but with 5G the same will increase to 10Gbps, making the entire process 200x faster.
  2. The high speed and stable network connection will allow users to stream high-resolution media smoothly. Also, it will improve signal strength, enhancing the quality of call and minimised interruptions.
  3. 5G mobile phones can operate using 3 different spectrum bands, which is comparatively much higher than 4G capacity. A direct impact of it will manifest in terms of less interference and lesser lagging.
  4. 5G-compatible phones are expected to come with better specs and internal technology. It will allow users to experience powerful processors and enjoy an improved battery life.

Collectively, these features are expected to benefit several sectors of the economy and drive sustainable growth in the years to come.

Nevertheless, with more than 300 million individuals still using 2G, it will require thorough planning and policies to help the population access affordable and the best mobile phones under 10000 to benefit from this new-age tech. Also, the mobile phone offers extended by operators need to be affordable to allow more individuals to benefit from 5G services.

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It can be said that the best 5G mobile phones will revolutionise the mobile industry to a great extent and will prove useful for both smartphone users and vendors in various ways. Also, the new-age technology will facilitate a profound change in the way the world perceives, communicates, and accesses data.

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