5 Great Ideas To Promote Your Restaurant In 2021


The best restaurant marketing strategy combines at least two or three of these ideas. From creative promotions to getting local Google customers, give them a try and find out what works for you.

1.Create Website 

 The great thing about the website of your restaurant? You can build it the way you like, with your colors, fonts, content, and custom logo. Think of it as your online shop window—it should be easy for customers to recognize the minute they “walk” through.

Customers will verify what you sell in advance by having a food or drink menu on your web. You will also inspire consumers to keep coming back by sharing your newest sales and upcoming activities or restaurant events poster on your “News” website or making reservations online using your preferred booking app.

Customers can check what you offer in advance by including a food or drink menu on your site. Add photos of your restaurant, preferably on a busy night when your team and your customers enjoy themselves so that new patrons can get a feel of the atmosphere. You can also encourage customers to keep coming back by posting your latest offers and upcoming events on the “News” page.To make sure that diners can find your website, it’s essential to customize it for search engines like Google.

2. Social Media Presence

If the main course is the restaurant website, social media is the side dish. And thanks to the broad scope of social networks like Facebook and Instagram, you can get excellent results by establishing a profile and refreshing it regularly. For example, sharing daily snapshots of your weekly specials or advertising a restaurant deal that you are running will help draw customers.If you’re planning to share posters, banners & flyers then you can make stunning restaurant flyer design online with PhotoADKing’s flyer maker tool. 

Instagram is used by 37% of U.S. citizens and counts. This growing network is especially popular with young audiences, with 75% of users falling into the 18-24 age group. The fact that Instagram is an image-centric site makes it perfect for bar, cafe and restaurant operators.

 3.Use Google “Near Me Searches” To Attract Local Customers

 When you look for shops or restaurants in your area on Google by typing something like “Indian restaurants near me”, this is considered a “close to me” search. Optimizing the website for these searches is crucial to effective local restaurant marketing, and most customers are using them because they want to eat or drink right now.

 If you have your own website, you can always be seen on Search engines like google. The next thing is to customize your marketing platform so that you can grab several of the passing trades.

4.Offer Coupons and Vouchers

Discounts are also a way of attracting special guests and to keep your regulars interested.The good old gift voucher is never out of style. But they could be more than a last-minute birthday or a Christmas present. Many restaurants are giving vouchers to new customers to attract them. Many big restaurant chains often offer similar schemes that you can have also do the same to get new customers at your restaurant.

5.Organize Offers & Events

Offering a daily happy hour or a mid-week dinner deal is a smart way to draw new clients and  keep it interesting for your fans. But did you want to take it a bit further with a theme night? 

For example, turning your restaurant into a Festive Wonderland at Christmas with matching plates, cocktails, and decor will help you draw customers from further afield who are searching for a place to stay. You can also arrange casual parties and events, just you have to make a creative party flyer or an event poster to share on social media platforms.


Keep yourself active in the market, do watch what your competitors do to promote their restaurant. Never stuck on one marketing strategy, use technology and smart tools to promote your business online as well as apply new strategies to promote offline.


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