Rich Homie Quan Net worth 2020 – Former sportsman who became a rapper


Rich Homie Quan is a rapper, songwriter, and singer from the United States. He began his career as a baseball player, but after some time, he decided that he wanted to be a musician. Also, he has some problems with the law during his life. Now, let’s give you insight about the net biography and wealth of Homie Rich. Buckle and let’s go.

Personal life

Rich Homie Quan was born from four October 1989 in Atlanta, Georgia, as Dequantes Devontay Lamar. His education began in Ronald McNair Middle School, where he played baseball for several years while attending this school. At certain times, he was interested in artistic writing and in American and world literature.

When it comes to sports, he plays in the position of the bat and midFielder. Sports activities help him reach and get a scholarship at Fort Valley University. Immediately, he changed his mind and he stopped playing baseball, and he began to do music. Before he became a success with his music, he worked at the airport, the work was missing.

After he lost the job, he had undergone some bad habits and ended up in prison for theft. He served fifteen months in prison. After he was released, he began working on his music. He has three boys. Recently, he was arrested again for having drugs. Police forces found him and in his car for one attack.


He focused on his music after he left the prison, and began working seriously on it. In 2012, he released two mixtapes named “I entered each song” and “still go”. A year later, his breakthrough came. He was on a tour with friends and colleagues Trinidad James.

Also, it works with YG, 2 Chainz, and Gucci Mane. A few years later, he released a mixtape called “I promised it would never stop going on” which featured one “type of road”, and was named in a list called “10 Mixtapes 2013”.

He released several mixtapes again after this one, and some of them have some of the most famous songs. One of the songs “Flex (OHO, Ooh, Ooh)” is placed on many rap graphics and produces platinum x2. During his long career, he collaborated with many popular artists. Rich Homie Quan was nominated for various awards, but for now, he did not win one of them.

Net worth 

After his success began in sports, he changed his career direction by going to the music industry. He appeared on track with many other rap artists and manufacturers. Also, he had several of them shown on his album. His wealth is mostly made of music.

For a certain time, his career stopped, he returned and began working on his music again. He decided that making something from his life was a better choice than spending on something that was not important at all. Net wealth of Rich Homie Quan is estimated at $ 3.5 million.

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