When to change the membrane and filters of an RO purifier?


If one is using an RO water purifier then one should know how important that to change the water filters and membranes on time is.

Using a water purifier means one also has to take good care of the machine. They needs to look after the maintenance and the service that is provided by the aqua fresh customer care so that one can keep getting pure and safe drinking water. Maintenance of an RO water purifier (which is the most popular water purifier because of its purifying technology) is majorly focused on the cleaning and time to time replacement of the membranes and the filters.

So, it is very much essential for one to have a basic understanding of the periodic schedules for the replacements of both. Filters and membranes contains the major parts of a good water purifier and the cost of the replacement of filters and membranes is almost 80 percent of the total maintenance cost of a good and effective water purifier.

In order to maintain water purifier one needs to keep certain things in mind. They are as follows:

  • Making sure that one should always get clean, pure and 100 percent safe drinking water.
  • Increasing the life of the water purifier.
  • Reducing the maintenance cost of the machines.
  • Avoid being cheated by unethical service care and technicians.

When one talks about replacing the membrane and a filter in a water purifier then it is not as easy as it sounds like. This is because not all replacements fit the water purifier. So when one wants to replace them, there are a lot of factors that work there.

Below mentioned pointers should always be taken into account before estimating the good time to change RO membrane or filters.

  • Level of impurities in the input supplied water in the area.
  • TDS Level or hardness of the input water.
  • How much water one purifies using the RO purifier.

If the water has a high level of impurity, then it will have a high level of TDS and if one uses an RO purifier to purify the larger quantities of water then the filter and the RO membrane should be replaced very frequently.

If an RO purifier is used on a daily basis to filter water in a household that has at least 4 to 6 members, then the RO pre filter has to be ideally replaced every 3 to 4 months. But the replacement interval can be longer or shorter depending on the quantity and the quality of water which is being purified every day.

There are other pre filters like the Carbon filter and the Sediment filter and they are supposed to be changed every 6 months to 1 year depending on how much water is purified every day and how good or bad the water is.

When to Change RO Membrane and Filter

Sediment Filter

There is one filter called the Sediment filter. They are specially designed to remove sediments and dirt from water so that the RO membrane and the Carbon filter in the machine do not get clogged that easily. Now, the amount of sediment input in the water differs from one home to another and depending on that one should keep changing the sediment filter. It is also very important to keep the water pressure as high as possible when it is going the sediment filter and membrane. It is highly recommended to change this filter on time. If that does not happen then the dirt will easily reach the RO membrane and it will get clogged. This will reduce the life and efficiency of the membrane. But if they are changed right on time, then the RO membrane and the carbon filter will work for long. It is recommended that a Sediment filter should be changed at least once a year.

Carbon Filter

The water from the Sediment filter passes through the Carbon filter which is also known as the Activated Carbon filters. This mainly removes the chlorine which is present in water along with other organic contaminants. These Carbon filters also filter out the unpleasant taste and bad odour that a regular tap water may have. Chlorine is present in water which also adversely affects the RO membrane. Carbon filters absorb that and other organic impurities that are present in water. As a result, they extend the life of the RO membrane. One should replace a Carbon filter every 1 year so that it can keep the RO membrane active and durable.

RO Membrane

This is the most crucial part in an RO water purifier. This membrane is actually a filter that does all the work and the other 2 filters mentioned above prepare the water so that this membrane does not get damaged. If the Sediment filters and the Carbon filters are changed at a proper interval then an RO membrane can be changed only after 4000 to 6000 litres of water is purified. But again, an RO membrane last longer or shorter, depending on the quality of water and the amount of TDS present in it. Typically, RO Membranes last for about 2 to 3 years and in some cases, they work for as long as 5 years. Your RO membrane may die earlier if one has really hard water or if they never flush the membrane.

The best way to know when one should change an RO membrane is by checking the level of TDS in water. But for that, one will need a TDS meter. One can also ask the service centre of the purifier company to come down and check the TDS level in water once in a while. When the level increases, one will know that the time has come to change the membrane.


One can always ask the customer care if they face any kind of issues when they are using a water purifier. Some problems can be solved easily at home but some needs expert engineers to get properly rectified.

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